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Escorting the case of Placement, Experience Sharing

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  • Last updated:2020-03-20
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Escorting the case of Placement, Experience Sharing~

Days ago, we referred a case to the New Taipei City Branch of Taiwan After-Care Association, due to a homeless inmate who reacted slowly and required employment. However, we noticed that this inmate would be released on Saturday (01/02/2020, the Association was taking a day off), but could not arrive successfully by himself. We contacted the Branch continously before Lunar Chinese New Year. Finally, the Branch agreed to accept the inmate and escort him for placement directly with exception, which fulfilled a great ending for this case.

Herewith, we send many thanks to Supervisor Chen, Mei-Shia and Executive Officer Wang, Boh-Yu of the Branch, who truly had helped a lot. Especially Executive Officer Wang inspecting the scene in person, his distinguished spirit is really admirable. We hope that everyone will do more assistance together for released inmates (ex-offenders).

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