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Multiple Rehabilitation Treatment

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  • Last updated:2019-08-30
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Rehabilitation TreatmentRehabilitation Treatment

     To help the prisons repent upwardly for the afterward social life, by law, the prison implements progressive points system, classified grading , and the parole system to encourage good behavior so as to gain earlier release .  We invites counseling of different fields like academic , educative, law assistant, psychological, religious instruction and so on. The various enlightened instructions ,courses,and activities are held with the hope to cultivate the inmates with educational efforts to achieve high quality enlightened goals.

     By inviting social groups and volunteers, the prison works to assist impelling the anti-drug health education and instruction counseling education .With the establishment of localization class Inner Meditation Class and scheduled anti-drug counseling, the prison takes strategies from psychology, physiology, law and religious points to promote individual coaching and tracking for governing function. After leaving prison, the prisons are referred to Taiwan After-care Association, Job media station for further counseling tracing network.



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