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  The prison was founded 14 years prior to the foundation of The Republic of China. Originally located at Yilan City, it was initially named Yilan Branch Institute of Taipei Punishment Institute. In December of 1945, it was renamed First Branch Prison of Taiwan First Prison. Since April 1st of 1947, the prison is named Taiwan Yilan Prison. Having more than 100 years of history, the prison with its facilities were far behind the standard at that time. The Ministry of Justice had sought separated location and planned the rebuilding site. At the end of the year 1984, the Rebuilding Committee of Yilan prison bought the current construction site with the land 15 hectares located in San-Shing Town. The new Yilan Prison were accomplished, and officially opened in Jul 19th of 1993. On January 1st of 2011, following the establishment of Agency of Corrections, now the full name is Yilan Prison, Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice.


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