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Organizations :


   It is subordinated to the Ministry of Justice, We have one Warden who manages the entire prison service; One Deputy- warden , assists the warden to supervise the service; One Secretary  to put together the drafts and administrative offices service relation; Next establishes a branch of the Investigation and Classification, the Rehabilitation and Education,  the Operation, the Health and Hygiene,theSecurity,General affairs, and Personnel, accounting, statistics, Civil Service Ethics and female prison.




Investigation and Classification section

1. Investigation of the entry of defendants

2. Living counsel of defendants

3. Evaluations of defendants’ behavior and personalities

4. Holding cultural, leisure and physical activities for defendants

5. Reading management of newspapers and books, as well as of the publications of the center.

6. Other counseling issues


Rehabilitation and Education section

1.   Persuasion, education, and assistance for inmates.

2.   Revoew of progressive corrective measures for inmates

3.   Proposal and report on giving parole and withdrawing parole and on subjecting an inmate to discipline

4.   Literary and art activities for inmates

5.   Guidance to inmates’ assembly and to their separated control

6.   Arrangement of other organizations for educational, speech, and religious activities

7.   Subscription to and management of newspapers and compilation of publications.

8.   Other Education Section matters


Operation section

1. Operation of guidance and skill training programmes

2. Choices of operation categories and layouts of operation plans

3. Purchases, expenses, and maintenance of operational materials

4. Setting operational schedules, evaluations and work payments

5. Operational distribution and changes

6. Devising operation contracts

7. Purchases, expenses, maintenance, inspections and fixing of operation machinery

8. Evaluations, sales and safekeeping of finished products

9. Management of disposition and examination of working staff

10. Other matters related to operations


Health and Hygiene section

1.Perform the health plan and manage its facility in the Center and respective instruction items.

2.Perform contagious disease outbreak prevention works.

3.Perform detainee's health inspection task.

4.Perform detainee's medical care works.

5.Manage detention cells’ hygiene works.

6.Make up, store medicines and manage medical apparatuses.

7.Prevent from medicine abuse and counsel it.

8.Report detainee's illness or death.

9.Other health-care-related works.


Security section

1.Responsible to the security management to the Center and detainees in it.

2. Handle the regular training and duty distribution to administrators.

3.Handle the distribution of preservation of detainees’  diet, clothing, bed utensils and other daily life utensils.

4.Execute hygiene and cleaning affairs.

5.Handle the reception and remote reception applications from detainees’ relatives; check detainee’s mails sent in/out and articles sent into the Center.

6.Execute reward/punishment to detainees in the Center.

7.Handle the conduction counsel, recreation activities and living management to detainees.

8.Handle the operation to client-assigned production works.

9.Guard detainees to go home from the Center.

10.Handle the job-attending and other after-case works to detainees.

11.Any affair of guard and control..


General affairs section

1.Documents writing, sending, receiving and file archive.

2.Sign and seal official documents.

3.Overheads for any article.

4.Buildings repair.

5.Matters of inmate in-prison and post-imprisonment.

6.Affairs of making status book, facial image and fingerprints.

7.Stuff and money keeping for defendants and inmates.

8.Prison foods keeping and purchasing.

9.Any affair that is not related to other sections.


Personnel office

1.Managing all personnel affairs of the center

2.Management and reports of staff employment, dismissal and promotion

3.Management and promotions of the policies and regulations of personnel

4.Drafting proposals of awards and sanctions

5.Evaluating time sheets and performance of staff

6.Holding relevant training and refresher courses

7.Handle the payment, welfare, insurance, retirement and consolation administration works and others related; manage the Center's personal information.

8.Any affair of personnel


Accounting office

1. Managing all accounting affairs of the center

2. Organizing rough estimates, budgets, and final financial statements

3. Organizing accounting receipts, booklets, reports

4. Execute the other works asked by the superior authorities.

5. Other matters related to accounting affairs and internal evaluations

6.Any affair of accounting


Statistics office

1.Managing all statistical affairs of the center

2.Editing monthly and yearly reports and documents concerning the public affairs of our Detention Center, Branch Prison and Juvenile Detention House

3.Research and development of statistical briefings

4.Execute the other works asked by the superior authorities.

5.Assisting information operations

6.Any affair of statistics


Civil Service Ethics office

1. Management and promotions of the policies and regulations of government ethics

2. Prevention, discovery and whistle-blowing of corrupt officials and illegal acts3. Suggestions related to government ethics reform

4. Suggestions related to awards and sanctions of staffs who promote or violate government ethics

5. Safekeeping confidential official information of our center

6. Prevention of damages or destructions, as well as the registration of civil servants’ property

7. Any affair of government ethics





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