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Sending in Goods

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Sending in Goods


Ⅰ. Procedures of Remittance

a. If the family would like to settle a remittance, please fill out ‘Application for Transferring Deposit’ in the registration window and give the money to the clerk at the counter. He/she will transfer the remittance.

b. Total remittance which is settled by family may not exceed NT$8,000.

c. If there is no mistake in the amount of money which family remits, the clerk gives the ‘receipt of deposit’ to the family who should make a double check on the spot.


Ⅱ. Sending in goods

a. A family can deliver things to those inmates after the inmate’s application are accepted.

b. Before sending in goods, the family should fill out ‘Application for sending in goods ‘and give the paper to the clerk at the counter.


Ⅲ. The limitation of Sending in food and goods

a. The amount of food is limited to less than two kilograms.

b. The numbers of clothes are limited to less than three.

c. The numbers of books are limited to three.

d. Inmates, defendants and Juvenile inmates could accept the food and goods while visiting.

e. Female drug abusers under treatment: according to Article 21 of the Statute of Rehabilitation Penalty, the kinds and quantity of necessary supplies must be limited. Drinks and food are not allowed. However, there are exceptions on the following holidays. On these holidays, people still need to follow the previous regulation for arrangement.

1. From Chinese New Year's Eve to January 5th (in the lunar calendar).

2.January 1st, 2nd, Mother's Day, Father’s Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Full Moon Festival.

f. Female adults and juveniles who are under drug abuse observation could not accept the food and goods.


Ⅳ. Sending in medicine

a. After the inmate’s application is accepted, the family could send the medicine.

b. The family should write down ID, address, phone numbers and the relationship of inmates. The hospitals, the amount of medicine, the name and the number of the inmates are also filled out correctly.

c. After the clerk checked the amount of medicine, they would give the medicine to division of Health and Hygiene to have a second check.  After that, the inmate could take medicine by prescription

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